Havana Premium Tour

Do you want to feel the heartbeat of the city? Don´t miss the opportunity to see the city at its best, when the sun setting on the horizon starts to fire up its true. This tour features the famous 9 O´clock Cannon Shot Ceremony and Night Show with the most authentic traditional Cuba music, It´s perfect for you if you want to see the best in one day. ...Read more

Havana´s Highlights

Havana, a living city, an unavoidable place in Cuba. Full of charm and wealthy in myths, culture, art and traditions. Your perfect vacations require this tour to the capital of all Cubans. Come with your family and friends and enjoy the best of the architecture and history of the beautiful Havana. We will make of this tour the highlight of your trip!...Read more

Barefoot Havana

This is a tour designed for you if you like to walk and explore the city and its streets. If you are staying in Havana and you just want to discover and enjoy the history and culture of one of the most beautiful cities in the world then this is the best to do it. You will have a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide for who will how you all the must see in Old Havana and more....Read more

Shipwrecked in Havana

If you are coming to Havana in a cruise and you just want to jump out of the boat and go to the right places then look no more, this is the right tour for you. Designed to make the best out of your time in Havana, in this tour you will have a tour guide for almost the entire day who will show you the best of our beautiful city....Read more

Transfer-tour combo

If you are staying in Havana for a one half of your vacations and then spending the other half in Varadero, then this choice might fit perfectly your plans. We arrange transportation to your next vacation spot from Havana and also help you make the best of that day by taking you on a tour. It’s a very convenient 2 in 1, Great vaule and service!...Read more

Viñales Day Tour

Viñales has by far one of the most beautiful landscapes of Cuba and is also homeland of the best tabacco of the world. Its Mogotes and pin-cushion shaped hills, tobacco fields and green vegetation make of it one of the most popular destinations in Cuba, definitely a must tour even if you are not a cigar aficionado. ...Read more


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